Advantages of the online RDE-system ars®

For your clinical trials, count on the Remote Data Entry System ars®, developed by SAM GmbH, which is:

  • integrating all components, necessary to carry out a clinical trial, including the trial centres, the data management, the monitoring, the pharmacovigilance, the drug accountability, the lab range administration and the e-diary.
  • generated, based on more than 20 years of experience in developing and applying RDE systems, as an integrated, self descriptive, user friendly, that means fully matured system, covering all areas for carrying out a clinical trial.
  • guaranteeing a long term, low cost continuity of the application of existing developing systems not only because of its independence of the lifecycles of expensive third party software.
  • set up and developed according to the requirements of EMA and FDA and which is permanently improving.
  • generating .xml files automatically according ICH E2B format in case of SAEs or ADRs, as well as sending corresponding links via e-mail to your pharmacovigilance automatically.
  • a very attractive solution, as it provides relevant financial savings for the execution of clinical trials for small or medium sized pharmaceutical companies.