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In 1994, Dr. Dieter Werdier founded SAM GmbH as the successor of the Biometric Centre Aachen (BZA), a former division of the Department of Medical Statistics and Documentation at the University Hospital of the Rheinisch Westfälisch Technische  Hochschule Aachen. The Biometric Centre Aachen, originally a project of the Federal Minister of Research, carried out clinical studies since 1981, many of them commissioned by the Federal Minister of Research.

Already in 1989, as the first company in Germany, BZA developed a Remote Data Entry System (ars® = physician-computer interface) to install and carry out plausibility checks during data collection by the participating investigators in clinical trials and non-interventional studies. ars® has been taken over by SAM GmbH and has improved continuously.

Due to a strong performance SAM GmbH could continuously increase the number of its scientific staff in planning, monitoring, data analysis, data management and quality control over the past years. Contacts with competent freelancers and the opportunity to enlarge the spatial and technical resources in a short period, ensure, that if necessary, the actual capacity can be expanded quickly.

In 2008 Mrs. Andrea Werdier, Master of Business Management and head of monitoring and pharmacovigilance of SAM GmbH was appointed to a managing director's chair of SAM GmbH.

As part of its expansion, SAM GmbH grew to a full service provider in the medical-pharmaceutical area for clinical trials and non-interventional studies (NIS).