ars® Patient e-Diary

  • Data entry by patients into the e-Diary reduces the workload of study nurses as data entry from a paper diary into the RDE system is avoided.
  • The e-Diary is a web based software solution. It can be used as well by a PC as by a smartphone – the webpage layout is adapted correspondingly
  • Each patient receives personalized access to his/her e-Diary
  • In case of missing entries patients will automatically be reminded via SMS or e-mail
  • All data entered were checked according to plausibility. They are instantly visible for the investigator, monitor, data management and pharmacovigilance (see interface ars® Investigator)
  • The contemporary data entry of e-Diary data allows the centre to easily monitor and adjust patient's compliance
  • The e-Diary as well contains a vacation function to allow the patient to take a limited time out from e-Diary, (during this time no SMS/e-mails will be sent automatically) if there is no internet access available (during this time a paper based diary will be used. All paper based data will be entered into the e-Diary by the patient after return from vacation)